25 Stupidly Hilarious Interior Design Failures To Make You Burst Out Laugh

Sometimes you think that designing something for your house is not a big deal and you can do it all by yourself. You want to have a unique work that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, and you end up creating an interior disaster. But that’s okay because even interior designers who have one job can make some horrible bathrooms, stairs, or kitchens. No one can imagine how they come up with such silly ideas and actually make them a reality.

Today, we’re sharing 25 stupid interior design fails that are so hilarious. From someone’s house, modest guesthouses to luxury hotels, you can catch disastrous interiors that make you wonder “why?”. At the same time, these ridiculous things can make you split your sides. Let’s check them out!

#1. “My uncle’s house got a bathroom without a door, literally the first thing you see when you enter the house”

#2. “Crappy design… literally”

#3. “Up the drain it goes”

#4. “Noice”

#5. “My friend’s under-the-stairs “bathroom” where the toilet is diagonal and partially installed into the carpeted wall”

#6. “All it needs is a jukebox and a soda fountain”

#7. “I almost fell down and rolled my ankle on this”

#8. “Imagine the scrubber you’d need for that bad boy”

#9. “Can’t stop thinking about this sink”

#10. “Middle class fridge. Lower class aesthetic”

#11. In the highest position

#12. “My parents have a bathroom with carpet that goes up the bathtub walls. Bonus points for the terrible wallpaper”

#13. “Imagine trying to piss while drunk”

#14. “This single square inch of raise carpet complete with lining”

#15. “A shower designed to be as hard to stand in as possible”

#16. “Who says crown molding is overdone?”

#17. “Today my mom hit her toe with this and was bleeding. I hate this kitchen so much”

#18. “These stairs leading to a bedroom loft”

#19. “I can just imagine the whole house shaking like crazy”

#20. “I think my stairs fit here”

#21. “Steps that you can’t see”

#22. “It’s not a mirror; It’s a doorway”

#23. “Yup, the fridge fit boss”

#24. “This shower has blinds instead of curtains”

#25. “My friend just finished a kitchen remodel”

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