If you want a comfortable living room, don’t choose the wrong sofa!

Back then, sofas were still like luxury items.

However, nowadays, sofas are no longer picking people. Sofas have become affordable products for everyone. When adding furniture to a new home, they will always choose a comfortable sofa for the living room, but sofas are not randomly selected. It needs to be selected based on the decoration style and the size of the living room.

So, today we will talk about the choice of sofas together, hoping to help everyone who is choosing a sofa.

Sofa Type

The common shapes of the main sofa in the living room are mainly divided into two types: one-shaped and L-shaped. The appearance of the one-shaped sofa is a long strip shape, while the L-shaped sofa has a vertical corner sofa (this part is also called: chaise longue) than the one-shaped sofa. There is a big difference in appearance between the two. There are also different feelings in use.

1. One-Shaped Sofa

The one-shaped sofa is nicknamed the “single dog’s sofa” by good people, because lying on the sofa, there is no room for another person, and other people can only stare.Although it is not perfect, it is the favorite of small apartment. The version is relatively small and can save space area. Therefore, it is basically the first choice for small apartment living rooms to keep the living room space flowing smoothly, and at the same time it appears more spacious and not crowded.

2. L-Shaped Sofa

The L-shaped sofa has the highest selection rate. One more “chaise longue” is equivalent to one more seat, and you can lie down and sit on it. At the same time, the chaise longue is also divided into left and right chaise longues. You can choose the corner position. Make full use of the space in the corner, otherwise it can be used as a partition between the functional areas (living room and dining room). But also because of the extra part of the L-shaped sofa, there is a problem of how big the aisle between the sofa and the coffee table is. The larger the coffee table, the smaller the aisle, the worse the comfort of placing the L-shaped sofa, and it looks crowded and cramped. In addition, when watching TV in the living room, most people don’t sit in an upright posture, but sit cross-legged or put their feet on the coffee table, but after a long time, either their feet are numb or their legs are stiff, but the L-shaped sofa satisfies sitting at the same time. The need to lie down makes people more lazy and comfortable.

3. Single Sofa

The single sofa often does not appear in the living room alone, but as a supporting role, appearing in the living room together with the linear sofa and the L-shaped sofa, and the single sofa is more casual, with independent seats, and the whole body is covered by the sofa after sitting down. The comfort is extremely high, and if you add an ottoman, it will be more lazy and comfortable.

4. Sofa Material

From the surface of the sofa, it can be divided into four types: solid wood, cloth art, leather art, and material mix and match. Sofas of different materials have different textures and touches.

5. Solid Wood Sofa

From ancient times to the present, solid wood furniture has fascinating magic, but it has to face the reality of its high price. A set of solid wood furniture that can appreciate and a set of solid wood furniture that have no room for appreciation, the median price difference is tens of thousands , Which one would you choose to buy?

As long as the solid wood furniture is well maintained, it is very durable. It is not exaggerated to be used by generations of people. In addition, when choosing it, you need to consider the problems of solid wood sofas being too hard and too cold in winter.

6. Fabric Sofa

The fabric sofa is the best-selling because the fabric is not only skin-friendly, but also soft and comfortable. In addition, fabric sofas are more resistant to dirt, especially gray fabric sofas, which can “hide” the general dust, but they must be cleaned regularly. After all, they are not really clean, they are just invisible.

7. Leather Sofa

Of the families with children, 9 out of 10 would not choose leather sofas, because they would be “dismantled” by bear children someday. In addition, leather sofas and fabric sofas have a visual difference between “Princess” and “Cinderella”. Leather sofas are more classy, ​​but the later maintenance of leather sofas is troublesome and requires constant investment of energy and money.

8. Mix and Match Material Sofa

Mix and match sofas refer to sofa styles with solid wood frame + fabric/leather cushions. For example, new Chinese style sofas, European style sofas, etc. are all such mixed styles.

9. Sofa Layout

The area of ​​the living room is the main factor that limits the size of the sofa, so when choosing a sofa combination “3+1”, “L+1”, “3+1+1”, etc., you need to look at the size of the living room first, and also consider the smooth movement of Generally speaking: the distance between the sofa and the coffee table is more than 30cm; the distance between the sofa and the TV cabinet is more than 100cm (the above dimensions are for reference only).

Sofas have their own characteristics. When buying a sofa, you may wish to refer to the above suggestions and choose a sofa that suits your living habits, which will greatly enhance your happiness.

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