The new trend of retail space design! INTERIOR DESIGN-Best of Year Awards winning works

The new trend of retail space design! INTERIOR DESIGN-Best of Year Awards winning works

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“INTERIOR DESIGN” is the world’s leading industry design publication, media website and event planning company, serving interior design, architecture, construction, and design management teams.

In the past 88 years, “Interior Design” magazine, published by SANDOW, which builds a smart enterprise driven by innovation and design, has been an authoritative magazine recognized by professionals and project designers in the industry throughout the design process .

The Best of Year Awards is the leading design award in the design industry. It recognizes the most influential and important works of the year and also recognizes designers, architects and manufacturers from all over the world.

Today, the editor compiled his Best of Year Awards 2020 award-winning works in the latest retail category.

1. Large retail


Louis Vuitton

Design: Peter Marino Architect



Design: PMT Partners

Based on Islamic culture, the owner, “Jamira Clothing”, focuses on the design and production of Muslim headscarves and costumes, and creates diversified dressing options for Muslim women. Therefore, the owner hopes that as a new brand flagship store, the space of Jamila Islamic clothing needs to have the power of symbolizing faith and the characteristic attributes of the place.

It conveys the classic architectural vocabulary with regionality and belief metaphors, and has a poetic and material pursuit of reality itself. At the same time, it also abstracts reality to make it free from the shackles of appearance and form. This is this design Internal logic.

3. Conemoting Market

Design: Yebin Design

Conemoting Market is a physical space created for online space. The designer maximizes the expression skills, and also utilizes the comprehensive use of materials, colors, objects, lights and sounds to release the self-expression of the younger generation. Desire, inspire the enthusiasm and tolerance of the old city community.

At the same time, it also reflects the progress of the city and the diversification of China’s urban business ecology.

4. Small retail



Design: MOC Design Office

The independent designer brand BIBILEE opened the brand’s offline experience exploration in the form of a 5-month pop-up store.

Clothing and architecture seem to have nothing to do with each other, but from the point of view that they are both human social attributes, they are actually closely related-the art of clothing expresses the differences between individuals through fabrics, styles and craftsmanship, while architecture corresponds to materials , Shape and node.

The brand develops with pleated craftsmanship as its core feature, and designs and creates distinctive styles of clothing.

In the design of the space, MOC has always taken this as the starting point. From the selection of materials to the shape of the texture, they all fit the core elements of its brand folds, creating a pace that is highly consistent with the tone of the space and the brand.

5. Trongyee Boutique

Design: AD Architecture

The interior design creation is based on the concept of “derivative”.

“Derivative” means new things evolved from the matrix. For a brand, continuous innovation and innovation will bring unlimited possibilities for its future development.

6. RTA

Design: Dan Brunn Architecture

7. Valextra

Design: Neri & Hu Design and Research Office

The project adopted the design theme of “library”, boldly used concrete brutalist style, combined with the “suspension” technique, to create the rough, heavy and solemn atmosphere of Valextra architecture.

Inside the space, the designer “dugs out” two connected spaces in a geometric form, one is the “library” and the other is the “reading room”.

The spatial hierarchy is cleverly combined with indoor lighting to create a museum-like quiet atmosphere. Here, all kinds of handbags of various brands are presented to the audience like precious books.

8. Mixed retail


Zhongshuge Lafayette

Design: X+Living

Zhongshuge, which was stationed in the capital for the second time, came to Galeries Lafayette in Xidan this time, causing multiple collisions between classical gardens and reading spaces in fashionable commercial places.

The designer draws on the expression techniques of moving and different sceneries in Chinese classical gardens, and connects the functional areas that carry different types of business in a spatial layout like clouds and flowing water, and outlines the winding exploration and interesting consumer lines.

9. Oppo Super Flagship

Design: UNStudio

In order to create a social place that breaks the boundary between public space and commercial space for OPPO brand customers, UNStudio introduced the concept of “urban park” into the store.

The interior of the store is designed as a “borderless” interactive environment, with winding routes leading customers through “display areas”.

The space has two main experience areas: PULSE and EVOLUTION. In the PULSE area, the main display screen is the focus, while the EVOLUTION area provides a different experience and a place for social interaction.

The store also provides customers with an interesting “instagrammable” experience area, encouraging them to explore the functions of mobile phones and camera products by taking photos and taking selfies.

10. Huawei Global Flagship

Design: Saguez & Partners

The Huawei flagship store in Nanshan, Shenzhen, has a transparent cocoon-like appearance. It uses advanced materials and technology such as three-dimensional curved glass to make it look both friendly and strong.

The 11-meter-high glass panel not only guarantees the quality of vision, but also improves the resistance to typhoons. Inside, the walls and ceiling are covered with felt panels made of recyclable plastic bottles, highlighting its environmental and sustainable claims.

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